It’s time to take up a new hobby or perhaps just take your passion for dance beyond the dance floor of a bar. Here are all the places you can go to attend dance classes, so you have the opportunity to bust out some of your best moves.

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Zumba engages your core and other key muscle groups such as glutes, abs, hamstrings, triceps, quadriceps, etc., that need an extra push. It helps in strengthening your core and get a chiseled torso. Zumba is also known to reduce body fat, especially belly fat, and you can build six-pack abs without relying on any equipment.


Give yourself an hour of aerobics every evening after school/college/work. The benefits of aerobics are well known – it opens your body, gives you flexibility, energizes your day, and helps you lose weight. The long-term benefits of aerobics include well-rounded health and weight control.


Dance workouts really work. We cannot ignore the mental health benefits of dance workouts: they lift the mood and help people with depression and anxiety.